Cap Cohort - II

About CAP Cohort - II

Promoting Entrepreneurship

Team CAP with Mr Ramanan Ramanathan (Mission Director Atal Innovation Mission - Niti Aayog - Govt. of India)

In the last few months due to COVID 19, students in the universities have come out with a lot of innovative ideas & inventions to build their startups around them. Due to this changed scenario & shrinkage of jobs, post COVID 19, lots of students want to opt for entrepreneurship. 7 companies have been formed by Chitkara University from the CEED ACCELERATOR PROGRAM Cohort-I in 2019-2020. Here is a golden chance for you to build your own Startup with CAP-Chitkara University’s most stellar initiative to promote entrepreneurship at campus in North India.


With a core aim to build campus startups and market ready enterprises, CEED is coming up CAP Cohort-II. CAP Cohort-II is a one semester long online program with 6 credits, fully funded by Chitkara University. CAP Cohort-II started from 18th July, 2020. Faculty for this cohort comprises of Industry Entrepreneurs, Academicians and Angel Investors.The cohort is superwised by an accomplished by Chitkara University’s Startup Governing Council & Committtee.

Broadly following 6 courses will be covered:

  • Entrepreneurship and Opportunity: Basic of entrepreneurship, Identify gaps, problem statements, market opportunity
  • Idea Generation & Idea Validation: Ideation, idea generation, assessment, protection, product/ service to market journey
  • Consumer Research and Market Analysis for entrepreneurs: customer survey, customer Persona Design, competition analysis, catching value proposition, data analysis
  • Prototype Development & Testing: Tools-Paper & Digital Prototyping, Customer involvement & user testing
  • Finance for Entrepreneurs: Preparing cost sheet, budget, balance sheet, forecasting
  • Raising Funds: Incubator support, bootstrapping, seed money, angels investment & venture capital
  • New Venture Creation & Management: Company formation, founder’s agreement, team formation & assigning role